Information Architecture


When creating a site with a group, it is easiest if one diagram is used for the entire group. Communication is key when designing your website and your concept can range from an easy design to one that is more complicated. When creating your site, you have a lot of options. You can change the overall layout of your web page but also have to focus on smaller items such as how many clicks are needed for the links and if a log in is required for access. There are many different diagrams that can be used but no matter which one you choose, remember to start with the basics. 


Organizing your information is a vital aspect in website design.  There are five basic steps one should follow when attempting to organize their website.  These include: inventory your content; establish a hierarchical outline of your content and create a controlled vocabulary so the major content; site structure, and navigation elements are always identified consistently; chunking; draw diagrams; analyze your system by testing the organization interactively with real users.  All of these techniques will help your website become rhetorically effective and impact its viewer.

It is very important that the structure of the site flows in a logical manner in order for people to get the most information out of the website. In order to do this you must alter the browse functionality of your site by creating a hierarchy of menus. Make sure your structure isn’t too shallow, having tons of pages splitting off the homepage, and also make sure it isn’t so deep that we don’t have to click through a maze to get to what we want. There are three types of structures: Sequence, web, and Hierarchal site. Finally, user also need to have a search functionality if your website has 30 or more pages in order for them to navigate easier.


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